You were locked in your home for weeks. What was your favorite spot?

We believe our living spaces not only provide us with refuge and comfort, but also collect stories and precious memories.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have been in the exceptional position of a home quarantine. Perhaps some of us have had more time to take notice of our belongings, perhaps we began to see our homes differently. New relationships with our spaces developed new habits as well, maybe we discovered precious niches and corners to cope, contemplate, orscan simply pass the time. Paradoxically we may have been united by a shared experience; bonding with a living space.

Our project aims at exploring these spaces and their connections. It is all made of people's contributions; of their little personal corners in their homes, which we are placing together in this shared virtual space.

You can become part of this immersive archive, by sending us a scan of your favorite place in your house. It’s free and simple. All you need is the normal camera app on your mobile phone to film your surrounding. We made a short video to explain it all.

We’d love it if you talk over the video and define your personal place, reflecting on the days of quarantine, but you can also just let the ambient sound in.

Click here to become a part of the project.