Bettina Katja Lange, is a German stage designer and video artist. Her art work ranges from film, theatre performances to installations, with a focus on exploring the documentary power in unconventional theatre and digital media.
She cooperated with many illustrious film- and theatre makers in Germany, Switzerland, Canada and the US, worked at renowned theatres such as the Munich Kammerspiele, the Thalia Theater Hamburg, the Ruhrtriennale 2019, the Wooster Group and the Performance Space Theater 122 in New York. In her current research, supported by the Goethe Institute Beijing, she examines, to what extent ordinary objects and the surrounding private space influence memories and, social identity and the autobiographical representative power of its owner.

Joan Soler-Adillon is a Catalan artist and associate professor at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), in Barcelona. His research and practice revolve around digital interactive media and its manifestation in digital art –particularly interactive installation, interactive storytelling and documentary, and virtual reality. From a full-body interactive game run on an inflatable slide to a VR-based experimental documentary, he has participated in a myriad of projects with a focus on both behavior design and interactivity, and on fostering the audience collaboration and participation.

Uwe Brunner is an Austrian architect, visual artist, and researcher. He studied at the Technical University in Vienna, the School of Arts in Amsterdam and received his Master’s Degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. His work has been exhibited and screened in multiple locations including MAK Museum for Applied Arts Vienna, SCI-Arc Los Angeles, Animation Nights New York, etc. Since 2019 he is a Faculty Member and PhD Candidate at the ./studio3, Institute of Experimental Architecture at the University of Innsbruck. He is currently researching in the field of extended reality (XR) environments and digital counter-aesthetics.

The team met in Feb 2020 during the Immensiva VR/AI Art in Residency 2020. The program was organized by Espronceda - Institute of Art & Culture in Barcelona. During this residency, the artists were offered a fertile environment to cultivate new ideas and further collaborations.
The project started in April 2020. Later on, the project got invited to the VRHAM! VIRTUAL 2020 Art in Residency . Many thanks for the great support by Ulrich Schrauth and the VRHAM! team as well as many thanks to Fabien Siouffi for his mentorship during the residency.
Many thanks to Macario Ortega for the project’s website.

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